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За 18 лет мы отправили учиться более 5000 студентов.

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Live Language

Описание школы

 Школа Live Language была создана в шотландском Глазго в 2002 году и проводит высококачественные курсы английского языка. Группам, частным и корпоративным клиентам мы предлагаем увлекательное и в то же время целенаправленное изучение английского языка в Глазго, одном из самых динамичных городов Шотландии. Количество учеников в наших классах меньше, чем во многих школах и университетах, а это значит, что нашим студентам уделяется больше внимания, и мы можем более гибко подстраиваться под их потребности.

Школа Live Language находится рядом с парком Келвингроув в оживленной западной части Глазго, всего в 10 минутах ходьбы от центра города. В нашу школу приезжают студенты самых разных национальностей, что очень важно для развития навыков говорения, знакомства с новыми людьми и максимально эффективного использования учебного материала.


15 ч/н
Our General English courses are designed to provide you with the skills and language knowledge you need to be able to use English in a variety of situations. Whether you want to travel, work, live or even study in an English-speaking environment, the courses help you to develop the knowledge you need to use the language effectively.

Our classes are small to ensure that you get the highest level of attention from your teachers. The classes integrate grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Our experienced, native-speaking teachers use a communicative methodology, which gives you the maximum amount of time to practise your English.

25 ч/н
For those of you who want to dedicate a bit more time to study, these 25-hour courses are for you. Combine General English with extra practice on Business English, FCE / CAE Practice or Listening and Speaking skills.

25 ч/н
The course is designed for students who are preparing for study in UK universities at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

The Academic English 25 (AE25) programme comprises 3 components:

General English (15 hours per week)
Academic skills (7.5 hours per week)
Self – Study Module (minimum 2.5 hours per week)

If you're working or living in the UK, you may wish to continue to improve your English skills or even prepare for an exam. At Live Language, we have a range of English evening courses to meet your needs in a lively and friendly atmosphere. Whether you need to improve for work or just to live, we have a class for you.

The evening English courses are supported by a number of programmes to help you maximise the benefit of the classes. You can join our Language Exchange programme, arrange voluntary work or attend one of our regular Open Evenings. All these services are free and are intended to help you improve your English quickly as possible. You can choose to study:

General English
FCE / CAE Preparation
IELTS Intensive

Want to pass the IELTS exam? Or are you finding it difficult to improve your IELTS score? Whether you need an IELTS score for university, work or visa purposes, we have a course that suits not only your English level but also your timescale. We have considerable expertise in teaching students how to pass the IELTS exam and have developed a range of courses based on our extensive experience.

Live Language provides preparation classes for the internationally recognised First Certificate in English (FCE) and Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE). The exams are widely accepted across Europe and internationally as proof of your level of English and can help you gain employment. In the difficult job market these days, the Cambridge exams provide you with a valuable advantage over your peers.

This course with qualified, specialist teachers and textbooks, enables you to use English at work confidently and effectively. These one-to-one lessons let you focus on your specific language needs and are designed to meet your requirements and will help you achieve your aims efficiently and quickly. You can also combine these lessons with General English Group lessons so that you can improve your general level of English in a group setting.


  • Проживание в местной семье
  • Территория учебного заведения и/или жилые помещения

Live Language can arrange accommodation throughout the year for students aged 16 or over. Live Language offer homestay to students all year round, or residence accommodation in the Summer.


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