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Fast Forward Porto

Описание школы

С 1991 года Fast Forward Language Institute посвящен обеспечению высокого качества и персонализированной методике обучения португальскому языку для иностранцев. Все занятия проводят профессиональные и опытные педагоги, выпускники университета знающие подход Fast Forward Language Institute к преподавания языка . Португальский язык сегодня имеет живой и разнообразный лексикон в мире. Fast Forward Language Institute является уникальным в своем подходе к преподаванию языка путем полного культурного погружения. Мы считаем, что крайне важно интегрировать академическую обстановку нашего учреждения с современной жизнью каждого отдельного города. В Португалии , Fast Forward Language Institute располагается в городе Порту. Здесь  студент будет иметь совершенно другую практику португальского языка по сравнению с тем, что можно встретить в Бразилии. Порту предлагает уникальный опыт португальского языка в современной жизни и людей, которые изначально говорят на нем ..


4 classes of 50 minutes every morning.

6 classes of 50 minutes every morning and afternoon.

Portugal – PLE – (Português Lingua Estrangeira)

This exam measures test-takers' level of proficiency in Portuguese. PLE is the official exam developed and given by the Portuguese government, and is required for those who wish to live and work in Portugal. Businesses and educational institutions use it to determine employment and study placements. The exam is offered twice a year: April and October.Fast Forward Language Institute's exam preparation classes focus on developing the student’s abilities in all areas tested.Other important factors that greatly influence any given student’s performance are time spent in intimate contact with Portuguese culture and the breadth of this experience.

In addition to the regular language programs, Fast Forward Language Institute also provides students with the opportunity to complement their language studies with volunteer and internship programs. This allows for a more extensive exposure to culture and language in Portugal. Placement for either volunteer work or an internship ultimately depend on the student's interests and the availability of suitable options during their stay. Some paid internships are also available.

Note to European students: The Leonardo da Vinci Programme awards scholarships to students who take part in an international internship.

Specific details and applications can be found at the following website:


You have a choice of host family, apartment, student residence or hotel accommodations the whole year round. Host families are the most frequently chosen housing option. Fast Forward Language Institute ensures that each family offers a quality living situation and respects each student’s wishes as much as possible in the family selection. The host families themselves are experienced and enthusiastic participants in the student’s life. When it comes to immersion into life, language, etc., living with a host family is by far the most intense. It truly is an experience not to be passed up. Breakfast or half board is included (evening meal 6 to 8 p.m.). You are issued your own front door key. There is weekly cleaning of your room; bed linen is changed every 2 weeks; bed linen is provided, please bring your own towels. Options for those who prefer to live more independently include: Pousadas – These are lower cost hotels. They are fully furnished, and almost like apartments. Apartment – This is a more costly option, yet also offers a bit more luxury. Hotels – each city offers a wide array of hotels in terms of price, location and style.


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